About Us

Shore Knots is inspired by the beauty and nautical traditions of Marblehead, Massachusetts. Knots have a way of being simple and complex at the same time. They bind things together with both beauty and purpose. Our products are all based on these unique creations and each one is hand crafted in our beautiful town. We hope you will enjoy Shore Knots and wear one proudly.

Kim Maxwell, Founder

"Growing up in Marblehead, I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time out on the water. As my father and brothers taught me how to sail I quickly realized the importance of knots to mariners. The twists, turns and loops of two lines creating such strength and beauty amazed me. My love affair with knots continues today, but now I have a more creative focus. I dreamed of designing knots that could be worn by all, which is why I began Shore Knots: to share the wonderment of traditional mariner's knots with the world."