Loving Building Shore Knots! Going to My First Event!

Since opening my website a little over three weeks ago, I have been stunned and humbled by how well things are going. People seem to love my products, which is fantastic and keeping me very busy, but I have also been really impressed by how easy the tools I chose to run my business have been to use. A big shout out has to go to @shopify, @shippingeasy, @paypal, @moo, and @instagram. All these great companies help make building a business a blast!

I am also privileged to be a sponsor of Marblehead Junior Race Week 2015 at the Pleon Yacht Club in Marblehead from July 20th to July 22nd. We will be giving away three Shore Knots bracelets as part of the event raffle and all racers will receive a 15% discount on any purchases from our website. Really excited to see how this goes!

Every week is a new adventure and I couldn't be happier about this new adventure in my life. I am so excited about what the future holds for Shore Knots!

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