Nervous Excitement!

I can't believe the Shore Knots website is going live! It was just about a year ago that I had an idea for a bracelet that I thought could be really fun. I spent a couple months trying various designs and came up with something I really love and I hope you will too! 

Several years ago I began working for F.L. Woods in Marblehead and gained first hand appreciation for how a creative spirit can help build a marvelous and inspiring brand. Store owner Wayne George never stops thinking about exciting new products that fit his business. This experience has helped me tremendously with the creation of Shore Knots and I will be forever thankful to Wayne for his support.

I also make it a practice to explore other company sites and note those I really love. I plan to regularly acknowledge some of those sites and want to mention two of my favorites: Tuckernuck and Best Made Company.  I can only hope to one day have the same level of sizzle and excitement on the Shore Knots site as I see in these two. Today is my first step in that direction! I hope you enjoy Shore Knots!

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