Why "handmade?"

One of the things I am most proud of about Shore Knots is that each of our bracelets is handmade - actually, handmade by me! Business has been brisk at times and that keeps me very busy and I love it!
Over dinner recently, my family asked if I would ever think about “outsourcing” Shore Knots production if the business really takes off? Easy answer: NO WAY! When I started this business, my first principle was that my products would always be “handmade in Marblehead,” and that is never going to change. Handmade quality products, 100% satisfaction guaranteed - that is my simple mantra. 
I have learned a lot over the last couple months and have also come up with some fun new product ideas. Over the next few weeks some cool new items will be launching on the site and I hope you enjoy them. And, oh yes, as always they will be handmade by me here in Marblehead!

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